Here are links to the information that you may need for the World Qualifier Tournament (former called the LTC).
This form will need to be filled out and turned in before the tournament starts. 
Standard rules for the LTC. Note: Sudden death will start after your team match goes for 3.5 hours.  
Please note the rules of conduct for this tournament. We know that this is a very competitive environment, but we need to remain professional. 

If you need to know if one of your players qualifies, here are the criteria. Note: players must have 6 matches in the Spring Session unless approved by the APA home office. 

Guide lines for match play time: 
/Uploads/kalamazoo/Match Time Guidelines.pdf 

If you would like to make an official protest against a team or player, you need to fill out this form and give it to a referee. Please read the form carefully and submit it with filing fee.

If you need a referee during a match, they will be wearing the bright green vests. Do not ask someone standing by to watch a hit for it will not be binding.
If you have any questions or concerns. please clarify them BEFORE the LTC. Thank you.