MVPs May Choose One of These SIX Awards:
  1. Two Free Entries on Singles Board to Possible Advance to The Regional
      SinglesTournament And a Chance to Win $10,000 in Las Vegas
    2. Your 2020 or the following year's APA membership paid

    3. A paid entry into the MVP Tournament - we pay your $40 entry into our new
       MVP Tournament to be held once a year. The tournament will have three skill
       level tiers. Kalamazoo APA will add $100 per tier if we have a field of 16 for the

  4. Personalized Fleece Jacket - 1/4 Zip or Full Zip. These are in MENS SIZES:
                                          Example of Embroidery

            Fleece Colors (1/4 zip fleece jackets are available in black, charcoal,
            hunter green, navy, red and royal blue only). 
These are MENS sizes.
            Sizes range from extra small to 3X for the 1/4 zip fleece and extra small
6XL for the full zip fleece.
  5. Personalized Hoodie - No Zip (Pullover) or Full Zip. These are in MENS SIZES: 
                                                  No Zip (Pullover) Hoodie Colors
                                             Full Zip Hoodie Colors
  6. Personalized Nike Polo Shirt - (made of a light weight material which wicks
      away sweat). The mens sizes ARE available in Tall. 
The ladies shirts are ladies
      sizes and fitted
. The ladies sizes range from small to 2X.

                                                  Polo Shirt Colors  

  Here's a picture of one of our polo shirts. There is no embroidery on the back.

  Send your choice to