Thank you for helping Kalamazoo APA meet its goals!

Because of the great support we have had from our members, we
  want to send one of your teams
 to the 
Aloha Challenge in Hawaii in 2021!

It is simple to qualify:

Play at least 2 sessions in Fall 2019-2020 with 4 original members on your team.

Finish in the top three teams in the 8 or 9-ball Big Dawg standings for a session and qualify for our local Hawaii Team Championship (HTC) in September 2020. If one or more teams are qualified, they will be skipped and the next in line will qualify. 

OR, win your division and play in the new 8-ball/9-ball division winners tournament at the end of each session. Win the tournament and you qualify for our local HTC. (will mirror the rules for the Aloha Challenge.)

8 teams will be qualified each session.


Information you may want:

If you win a session, you must play each session after that to retain your qualification.

Your team must have 7 players to play in Hawaii. (see tournament flier)

We will send you to Hawaii from Wednesday to Tuesday in February 2021. The Aloha Tournament is on Saturday ??, 2021.

The HTC will be held on September ?? 2020 and will mirror the rules for the Aloha Challenge.

APA will be taking care of the flights and accommodations.  
You will be responsible for your own personal expenses.